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As of 7/15/24 we have 98,727 Broward foreclosure properties listed!!

Q. Where do I place bids on properties coming up for auction?

A. All auctions take place on the Broward County's Clerk Of Court web site which can be found at the following URL (

Q. What should I do if I'm interested in bidding on an upcoming auction?

A. First things first full research the property being auctioned off. We provide links to both the Broward property appraiser web site and the Broward County Clerk web site which you should use to double check all the details on the home. You'll also want to see if there are any other liens on the property which could cause a problem if you end up winning. We'd also highly recommend physically driving to the property to look at the neighborhood and condition the home is in. Once you've fully researched the property and decided you want to bid on it you'll need to create an account on the Broward County Clerk Web site. On the day of the auction you'll login to clerks website and do all your bidding through there. Please make sure to read all the rules, restrictions, and payment requirements of placing your bid before doing so.

Q. Do you list anything besides homes that are up for foreclosure auction?

A. As of right now we're only listing single family homes and condos that are being auctioned off. There are some logistical issues that make listing land & other auctions on our web site. This is something we're looking to add in the future, but we wanted to start with the most popular auctions that people are bidding on.

Q. How come on some properties you don't have full bedroom / bathroom details?

A. We're pretty limited to the information provided by the county on these properties. Almost all of the time we're able to get the full details for each listing, however on the rare chance we cannot find that data. You may be able to find further details at sites like Zillow and other places.

Q. On some properties the map is showing a location in California, why is this?

A. On some very new homes the addresses aren't yet in the mapping system we use. If our system can't handle the address you'll see the map default to a locaton in Mountain View California. If this happens you could try putting the address in mapping systems like Bing or Yahoo to see if they have a more updated map for the specific location.

Q. My question isn't answered here, what do I do?

A. Please contact our support team with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have. We're constantly making improvements on the site and love to hear everyone's feedback on the system.